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Q: How long has your service been in existence?

A: Since July 2007.

Q: Are the results posted based on real signals you have made?

A: Yes.

Q: What time do the signals come out ?

A: At his time, Signals are sent daily, between 23 PM GMT to 2 AM GMT, but most trades are just send a few minutes after 24.00 GMT (well this is why we are named MIDNIGHT FOREX).

Q: Are your signals “set and forget” or I need to monitor the markets all day?

A: Signals are set and forget. The only possible change to a signal (very very rarely) is during our trading time hours (3 hours a day), after that time nothing will be changed. If you operate with MT4 we provide you free of charge an EA that will move automaticaly your stop loss to btreak even at the price level indicated by us,

Q: What are the currency pairs trade by Midnight Forex?

A: We trade all majors and crosses, but we focus in yen pairs and crosses.

Q: How many trades can I expect per day?

From 1 to 3…or none. We don’t trade if the conditions are not appropriate. We can stay with “no trade” signals as long as is needed. We trade to win not for emotion. In December,2008, we made over +800 pips in just 7 trades in the whole month(5 winners, 1 break even and 1 loser).

Q: How many pips do you use in your stop loss?

A: Stops are not fixed, it depends on market conditions and pairs, and could be from -80 to -150 pips.

Q: What is the risk per trade of yours signals?

A: The risk per trade is not determined by Midnight Forex. We suggest to begin the month with low leverage 2x or 3x and increase it with profits only.

Q: Are the spreads include in the signals or May I add the spread of my Broker in every signal?

A: After we sent a signal, if it is a market order, we will send a second email informing our entry, so you can adjust your stops to our trade.

Q: When we trade, what % of the total capital should I risk on the trades?

A: This is a personal decision, according to our personal risk acceptance. We suggest NEVER risk more than 2% of your account in 1 trade.


Q: What’s the minimum and maximum amount considered for accounts managed by Midnight Forex approved Traders?

A: Minimum U$ 10K, no maximum.

Q: What has been the experience of the head trader who will be trading the managed accounts?

A: Over 20 years of experience, 10 in Forex.

Q: Which broker will you be using or are using for Manged Accounts?

A: Depending on account size. For more information please ask.

Q: What is the performance fee % you will be taking off profit per month in % points?

A: 30% of the profits, as standard in the industry.

Q: How do I start to have my account managed by Midnight Forex?

A: You should confirm with us, inform the amount of the opening account, and then open an account with the selected brokers, just giving a power of attorney to trade to the selected trader of our group.

Q: There are low risk and high leverage accounts, could you give me some details about the trading style of both systems?

A: In low risk, (normal accounts) the maximum risk per month is 15%. In high leverage accounts, there is no maximum risk, (we adjust it to the market conditions) and the results are higher, since trading profits are directly related to risk acceptance.

Q: Performance of Managed Accounts?

A: Posted in Managed Accounts Page, please see.

Q: In the Managed Accounts you trade the Signals only?

A: No, we trade the signals and also other trades indicated by our System with entries in a different time than our Midnight Forex trading hours.

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– Since 2007 we offer the best, more precise and accurate forex alerts and alerts traded on the web! with a 100% set and forget system. Every day we send the FOREX SIGNALS to our members. Up to +1000 pips or more per month at fair and low prices with consistent results. We have members in USA, GERMANY, ITALY, UNITED KINGDOM, MALAYSIA, BRAZIL, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, AUSTRALIA, CANADA and 20 more countries. Our services include investing advise, earn pips, foreign exchange alert Recommendations, forex signals alert Recommendations, 4x, fx, and investments forecast advisor service.

The FOREX SIGNAL INDUSTRY is filled with forex alert providers promising you big profits, but 99% are not real. More important than the profit shown by these forex signal providers is how the profits are acquired: trades without stop loss, or 20 to 100 siganls per day that you cant follow. Conclusion when not 100% fake most of these signals are more likely hypothetical than real. This is the reason that Midnight Forex ( midnightforex.com ) is bringing to you real profits Forex signals with clear Entry, Stop Loss and Take Profit level per currency. Trading with our Forex recommendations allows midnight forex members to reach real profits/losses as posted on our web page.

www.midnightforex.com – The BEST Forex signals online. We provide real time forex signals, free forecasts, education resources for forex traders. Professional forex managed accounts. Midnight Forex is an independent web site providing products and services on the global forex markets. Included are links to forex trading, margin brokers, forex analysis, forex charts, quotes, etc. Free currency resources such as forex analysis, currency forecasts, news, real time quotes, charts and many more are updated continuously.

“Hello! Iam member of Midnight Forex more than 2 months and i believe that finally i have found honest forex signal service provider :)”

(J.M, Latvia in December 22th)

“Christmas come early……many thanks for yet another brilliant call. I like to THANK your team for giving me the opportunity to trade in FOREX as an absolute beginner. It has been enjoyable experience and I look forward to 2009. Thank you ….thank you:)!”

(M.H, UK in December 22th)

” Yeeahh !!!! What a christmas present. :-) brillat, excellent, grandiose, genial.
Thank you”

(H.Z., Germany in December 22th)

“I am speechless, what a trade!! I love the way you trade!! Thank you !!”

(H.Z., Germany in December 16th)
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