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We are a group of professional traders with several years of experience in the financial markets and full time forex traders since the beginning of this market.

Midnight Forex Team was formed in June 2007 but we trade Forex since 1998, when almost all traders have no idea of this market. We use to go to the Trading Conventions to learn more about technical analysis and then and there FOREX, the largest financial market in the world, was just nonexistent.

That really amazed us, but things begun to change, about 3/4 years ago the first forex company appeared in the Convetions, and now Forex represent 30/50% of that meetings, and the logic tell us, that FOREX will replace stocks as the most popular financial market in the next 10 years.

Why? Forex is not easy as most brokers and signal dealers pretend, but is still the largest financial market in the world (around 2 TRILLION US DOLLARS PER DAY) and is the best market for technical traders like us.

We are 100% technical traders. That doesn’t meant that we ignore fundamentals to do our analysis. We follow our proprietary systems but the final trading/signal decision is made by our Chief Trader in all cases.

We know how easy is APPARENTLY to trade Forex, and how hard it really is!!

We open and maintain Midnight Forex as a way to say Thanks for what was given to us, and also as a way to promote our managed accounts.

Our philosophy is to look for above average returns, while managing risk so that we are able to trade through a volatile market. We use a proven strategy that give us very serious positive returns.

By trading with us you will learn this prudent yet stable approach to trading which is the key to our success.

Trade with the right signal, at the right time, trade with Midnight Forex, and PROFIT.

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– Since 2007 we offer the best, more precise and accurate forex alerts and alerts traded on the web! with a 100% set and forget system. Every day we send the FOREX SIGNALS to our members. Up to +1000 pips or more per month at fair and low prices with consistent results. We have members in USA, GERMANY, ITALY, UNITED KINGDOM, MALAYSIA, BRAZIL, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, AUSTRALIA, CANADA and 20 more countries. Our services include investing advise, earn pips, foreign exchange alert Recommendations, forex signals alert Recommendations, 4x, fx, and investments forecast advisor service.

The FOREX SIGNAL INDUSTRY is filled with forex alert providers promising you big profits, but 99% are not real. More important than the profit shown by these forex signal providers is how the profits are acquired: trades without stop loss, or 20 to 100 siganls per day that you cant follow. Conclusion when not 100% fake most of these signals are more likely hypothetical than real. This is the reason that Midnight Forex ( midnightforex.com ) is bringing to you real profits Forex signals with clear Entry, Stop Loss and Take Profit level per currency. Trading with our Forex recommendations allows midnight forex members to reach real profits/losses as posted on our web page.

www.midnightforex.com – The BEST Forex signals online. We provide real time forex signals, free forecasts, education resources for forex traders. Professional forex managed accounts. Midnight Forex is an independent web site providing products and services on the global forex markets. Included are links to forex trading, margin brokers, forex analysis, forex charts, quotes, etc. Free currency resources such as forex analysis, currency forecasts, news, real time quotes, charts and many more are updated continuously.

“Hello! Iam member of Midnight Forex more than 2 months and i believe that finally i have found honest forex signal service provider :)”

(J.M, Latvia in December 22th)

“Christmas come early……many thanks for yet another brilliant call. I like to THANK your team for giving me the opportunity to trade in FOREX as an absolute beginner. It has been enjoyable experience and I look forward to 2009. Thank you ….thank you:)!”

(M.H, UK in December 22th)

” Yeeahh !!!! What a christmas present. :-) brillat, excellent, grandiose, genial.
Thank you”

(H.Z., Germany in December 22th)

“I am speechless, what a trade!! I love the way you trade!! Thank you !!”

(H.Z., Germany in December 16th)
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